Yashwant Dharmarth Rugnalaya,Kodoli




<< O.P.D

  • Neat & Clean, tidy O.P.D with fresh atmosphere and polite staff.
  • The timing of O.P.D is morning 9.00 a.m. to 1.00 p.m. & evening 3.00 p.m. to 8.00 p.m.
  • Emergency Service at 24 hours available.
I.C.U. ( Intensive Care Unit) >>
  • Difibrilator (D.C. Shock)
  • Cardiac Monitor & Central Monitoring.
  • Multi para Cardiac Monitor.
  • Central Oxygen, Nebulization and sophisticated 6 I.C.U Beds.

<< Operation Theater

  • Operation Theater Modernized and advanced 3 Major,One Minor Operation Theater,all types of general surgeries like Appendisectory,Hornia,Gastric & PepticUlcers,Piles,Fistula, Renal and Bile Store,Posrate,etc.are the carried out.
  • All types of Orthopedic and joint surgeries are carried out with the help of 'C' Arm image intonsyfire.
  • All types of gynecological surgeries are carried out.

Ophthalmic Unit >>

  • Microscopic Cataract Operation.
  • All Modern facilities for checking eyes by computerized machines.

<< Panchakarma

  • Panchkarma  Sarwang Abhyanga, Shiro Abhyanga, Shirodhara, Swedana – Nadi Sweda, Kuti Sweda, Patra pottali, Pinda sweda, Vamana -Diseases of Kapna, Asthama, Kasa,Skin Diseases, Virechan -Diseases of Pitta , Amla pitta, Skin disease Basti -Diseases of Vata, Irregular Menstrual Cycle,Spondylities,Backache, Paralysis,Weight loss, Storelity etc.
  • RaktaMokshana -Skin disease Jalwaka -Siravedha,all types of  panchakarma carried out through this department.Nasya -Useful in Shiroroga.

Dental Care Unit >>

  • All Dental facilities like extraction of teeth, route canal, inceration of silver & cement etc.
  • Modern facilities/operations regarding to E.N.T.

<< sonography & color Doppler   Facility

  • Several High End Ultrasound machines,which are modern and latest in the field of imaging.
  • Routine sonography and Colour Doppler including interventional procedures and elastography and contrast imaging.

Pathology Lab >>

  • Facility of all types of investigations at moderate rate.
  • All types of Blood Test & Urine Tests are carried out through our modern computerized lab with the help of FNAC technique.
  • Diagnosis of canver will be carried out.
  • Hormone Assay, Thyroid Function Test, Biopsy and Laboratical Test of HIV also done.

<< X-Ray Unit

  • All types of X-Rays are taken by computerized digital X-Ray and also Facility of X-Ray of teeth are also available.
Free of cost service for Girls to and fro from Hostel to college. >>

<< Digital Classroom

  • In today's modernized and technically upgraded world,everyone has to be able to compete with the new trends of technology.
  • Keeping this aspect in mind,Yashwant Ayurvedic College has an excellent Digital Auditorium which enables students to gain current Knowledge of the medical aspects.
  • Seminars are conduct for enriching the minds of the students by conducting Guest Lecture's by qualified personalities from the field of medical science.
  • This interaction improves and nourishes the students overall academic growth with the power to overcome any sort of situations in life.

Museum >>

  • Dry – wet, and all types of minerals

<< Advance Library

  • All types of books of Ayurvedic, Modern available for students & teachers.
G.M.P. Yashwant Ayurvedic Teaching Pharmacy.>>
<< Air Conditioned Meeting Hall
Physiology Lab >>
<< Rasashastra Practical Hall
Anatomy Museum >>
<< Boys Hostel
Girls Hostel >>
<< Well equipped PG Research Lab

Herbal Garden >>


<< Ambulance

  • 24 hour ambulance available for patients.



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