Department of Ayurved Samhita 


Department of Samhita is concerned with basic principles of Ayurveda. Basic Principles are very very important in Ayurveda. Without knowledge of Samhita & basic principles we can not understand or learn the Ayurveda. There are six ( Sanskrit, Padarth Vidnyan, Ashtang Hridayam, Ayurved Itihas, Charak I & II) subjects in this Dept.

This Dept. is related with all the three years of BAMS all subjects are very important & interesting that unfolds secrets of our life spirit & of the material world. The knowledge of pramana improves the intelligence and common sense. The knowledge of Samhita & Basic Principle are most useful to all students and teacher for the enlightening of their intelligence.

We have published Ashtang Hridyama & Padarth Vidnyan books. We have well trained P.G. teachers & well equipped hospital for literary research & Now this dept. is also started P.G. in Samhita for 6 seats and this dept. is also doing research work.


S.No Name of the Teacher Designation  Department  Paper Presentation 
1 Vd. Suryawanshi Chandrakant Shamrao Professor Samhita Siddhant  
2 Vd. Kulkarni Sanjay Gajanan Professor Samhita Siddhant  
3 Vd. Waghmare Sachin Sadashiv Reader Samhita Siddhant  
4 Vd.Sutar Asmita Maheshkumar Reader Samhita Siddhant  
5 Vd.Sadale Manaswi Appaso Lecturer Samhita Siddhant  
6 Vd.Sabale Harsal Sampatrao Lecturer Samhita Siddhant  
7 Vd. Kolekar Sunil Murlidhar Lecturer Samhita Siddhant [Sanskrit]  


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