Departments Of Agadtantra Vyahar Ayurved Evam Vidhi Vaidyak


‘A Doctor must be clinically competent, medically alerts & legally aware…...’

The subject – ‘Agadtantra, Vyahar Ayurved Evam Vidhi Vaidyak’ teach medical alertness as in Toxicology i. e. Agadtantra  & Legal awareness as in Forensic Medicine i.e. Vyavahar  Ayurved  & Medical Jurisprudence i.e. Vidhi Vaidyak.

Main aim of this subject is to contribute in producing skilled legal medical practitioner. To achieve this motto we have well established Dept. with full fledged teaching staff. Dept coincides with well equipped museum with set of weapon (105), set of poisons with household poisons, computerised   chart on syllabus (56), models (14), Preserved viscera(7), Photographs of snakes(9), Set of Antidotes(18), Slides(200), Transparencies (40), Different types of books of F.M.T. & Agadtantra(108), Set of Post Mortem Instrument(19) cultivated Poisons Plants (10), Photo album, CD’s and F.M.T., & well established forensic science Research lab.

Existing Post graduate dept. having-on going – 4 P.G. research projects on Agadtantra & F.M.T.

Now, we are going to start O.P.D. & then I.P.D. for Ayurvedic treatment on patient suffering from cumulative poisoning, different types of animal bites, chronic diseases which related to Dooshi-visha,etc.

Agadtantra Dept.

Sr.No Name Of Teacher                           Designation Departments Particulars of Awards / Achievements/ Books/ Research Paper/Articles/CME Programme/ Seminar/ Conference/ Other Published Articles etc.                                 Year
1 Dr. N.G. Gramopadhye Professor Agadtantra 1. Book – Test Book Of Agadtantra ( Two Chapters

2.Papers – 1) In Vitro Anti Bacterial Properties Of

Zanthaxylam Rhetsa (Rub)DC[ Bioinfolet 8(I) :

85-86 2011]

2)Drug Resistance on ayurvedic perspective

[ Crystal]

3) Effects of anidra ( insomnia) in night shift

workers in milk dairy

3.Seminar – National Seminar on Pranvaha Srotas

4.CME- Participated in CME on Palliative

Medicine at Y.A.C.Kodoli

5.Workshop :1) Workshop on research


2. Basic workshop in research methodology

6.Completed Ph.D. in Agadtantra in Aug 2012

7.Four Students completed M.D. Agadtantra

8.Four Students admitted for M.D Agadtantra

9.Worked as subject Expert in Agastantra for

M.P.S.C. Interviews

10. Attended R.O.T.P in Agadtantra sa Resource


11. Member of B.O.S, P.G (Para- clinical)








2007 To 2012            
2 Dr.Giram N.U Asso.

Agadtantra 1.Achievements :- worked as a coordinator for

M.E.T. [ C.M.E Research Methodology] MUHS

MET Pune

2.Seminar :- Conducted by the dept.34 Seminar

presented by PG Students

3.Guest Lecture :- 09 of FMT

4.Study Visit :- 09 visits to different Agadtantra

Dept. snake park FSL & vishachikitsalaya

5.Work as a center in charge

6.Participated National Seminar on Pranvaha Srotas

7.Participated in CME on Palliative care

8 Participated in CME held at Islampur
May 2012-10,11,12

Jan.2011 to 15.09 .12

Jan 2011 to Sept.2012

May 2012


22 Jun. 2012

6 may 2012
3 Dr.Patil V.V Asso.

1.Paper Presented National Seminar On Pranvaha

Srotas Air Pollutants & Respiatory System”

2.Undergoing Ph.D In Agadtantra From Tilak

Maharashtra Vidyapeeth Pune

3.Participated in (CME Research Methodology)

MUHS pune

4.Participated in pre Ph.D orientation TMV

5.Participated in CME Palliative care Pune

6.Participate in CME held at Islampur

7.Working as nodal officer Y.A.C



Sept.2012 Jun 2012

May 2012

Aug 2012
4 Dr.Akshara Akash Patil Lecturer Agadtantra    
5 Dr.Bhagyshree Surywanshi Lecturer Agadtantra    


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