Department of Sharir Kriya


Department of Sharir Kriya is concerned with Basic Principles of Ayurveda. Basic Principles ( for exp. Dosha, Dhatu, Malas etc.) are very very important in Ayurveda. Without knowledge of basic principles of Sharir Kriya, we cannot understand any subject of Ayurveda because doshas are physiological unit of the human body. Dhatus are anatomical (structural) unit of the body and Malas are excretory (solid & liquid) part of the body. By the knowledge of this subject, the student have know it means about normal healthy condition of the body.

The Sharir Kriya dept.have well equipped with sufficient Instruments and chemicals. We are going to publish a book of Sharir Kriya subject recently. We have well trained as a P.G. Teachers.

In this Dept. Physiological knowledge of Physiological activities of human body is given to student. Without Physiology we cannot judge pathology hence, for the better education of Sharir Kriya, as per the norms of CCIM all types of charts, models, instruments chemicals are available. Recently two books are published. Ayurved, Adhunik, Prakrits Paramarsh (Concept of Prakriti according to Ayurved & Modern Science). A text and another text multiple choice question is published by auspicious hands of honourable principal Dr. M.M.Godbole and Faculty Ayurveda Dean Dr. Shrikant Deshmukh Sir, and it is written by Dr. U.K.Bande, Reader, Dept. of Kriya Sharir. Our dept. is well & good for the UG & PG study.

Sharir Kriya Dept.

Sr.No Name Of Teacher Designation Departments Particulars of Awards /Achievements /Books/ Research Paper /Articles /CME Programme/ Seminar /Conference /Other Pulished Articles etc. Year
1 Dr.U.K.Bande Professor Sharir kriya ROTP-

1) Re orientation Training programme in Sharir kriya Bharati vidyapeeth University, Pune

2) Re orientation Training programme in Sharir kriya G.A.M. & Research centre vazem shiroda, Goa.


1)workshop on streerog prasuti tantra syllabus at Y.A.C.Kodoli

2) workshop on HIV/AIDS Awareness at Nashik

3) workshop on sharir kriya syllabus at Sawantwadi

4) workshop on yogopchar at Y.A.C.Kodoli

5) Syllabus orientation workshop Kharghar, Mumbai

6)Basic workshop in Research methodology at Y.A.C,Kodoli


1) National Seminar on pranvahstrotas disorders (Diagnosis & management ) at Y.A.C,Kodoli

2) Basic course on Health Sciences education & Technology at MUHS, Nashik

3) Medicolegal Awareness in medical practice at Y.A.C,Kodoli


1) Agnimandya – a cause of many diseases

2) Prakriti – a key of health

( Dainik News Paper Pudhari)

3)Matru stanya (mother’s milk) gift for human life

4)Camparative study of Tridosh according to modern concept

(Chirayu Soveniour Y.A.C,Kodoli)


1) sharir kriya vidyan (MCQ)

2) sharir kriya vidyan (Ayurved & Adhunik prakriti paramarsh) (Vinay Amey Publication, Kodoli)


Best Teacher Award given by Y.S.P.M, Kodoli

4 to 9/4/2011

11to 12/2/2005

4 to 6 /10/2007

26 to 28/4/2007


6 to 7/2/2011

10 to 12/5/2012


29 to 30/3/2010








2 Dr. V.S.Potdar Reader Sharir kriya 1) CME- Participated in C.M.E held at Ratnagiri July 2012
3 Dr.Mukund Sonavane Reader Sharir kriya    
4 Dr. Patil Satish Babaso Lecturer Sharir kriya    
5 Dr.Jayshree Ramhari Mote Lecturer Sharir kriya    


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